Building Insurance

Insurance Leader offers building insurance from various insurance providers and is therefore, able to find the right policy to fit your needs and your budget.

building insuranceCommercial buildings are the most targeted when it comes to theft and vandalism, and the risk of lawsuits. Businesses need to protect themselves against these problems by getting the commercial building insurance.

To reduce the cost of coverage, many businesses choose a commercial building insurance that provides cash value coverage. However, in the event of a disaster, you might be wise to pay the higher premiums to obtain replacement coverage. With replacement commercial building insurance, you will receive the full cost of replacing the building and all of its contents. If you choose the cheaper option, you will only be compensated with the value of the property and its contents at the time the damage occurred.

We recommend replacement coverage but, that will depend upon your budget and our agents will work with you to determine what is best for your circumstances.

Commercial Building Insurance can include the following:

  • Business liability — Guard your assets against lawsuits.
  • Business property — Protect your premises.
  • Business owners policy — Roll both liability and property coverage into one convenient plan.
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